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Kudos must be given to Mr Keh Eng Song, the chief executive of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds), and the MINDS school itself for taking affirmative action and giving the 8 year old boy with autism, Aqil Nabil Maulid, a place in the school.

The boy’s father had posted on Facebook recently, lamenting the fact that his autistic son was unable to get a place at Eden School, a special education (Sped) school run by the Autism Association. He had been placed on a waiting list for a year. As a result of Minds actions, Nabil finally started school on Jan 16, despite already being 8 years old. Previously, Nabil had been spending all of his time at home, as there was no place for him in Sped schools, which is a problem faced by many parents who has children with autism.

Hopefully, these parents now know that apart from the three autism-specific Sped schools, there are 13 other Sped schools which also cater to children with autism, along with those who have intellectual or physical disabilities of varying degrees, including Minds, which currently have about 300 vacancies. All thanks to Mr Keh Eng Song, whose act of helping Nabil might just have opened the doors for other children with similar issues.

Samad Sani

A.S.S. Contributor

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