Appeal for witnesses (16/01/2017 along T junction of Woodlands Ave 6 and woodlands dr 65 at around 8 plus pm). One of the witness told me there was a malay lady who help my mum throughout and she help to called the ambulance. If you happen to know this good samaritan, or u are reading this, i would like to express our gratitude to you. Please contact me.

It’s just one split second, i lost my mum in that accident. How irresponsible can one be if this kind of accident happened. Because of some reasons, which i wish to know what are the reasons.

From mummy’s accident, we learnt a very huge lesson, everyone needs to do our part, even when we are crossing during green man, we need to make sure the car come to a complete stop before we cross.

Why Mankind always make things so complicated, when god made us that time is that simple and pure. Now mankind are so selfish and irresponsible that even the government make everything so safe, yet people are the ones who make it unsafe. Why can’t we just do our part as human, think for people and drive carefully so that other people won’t lose their family.

To the driver who knock my mum down, though u will go through punishment by the law, but after you are released, you can start all over again, what about my mum? She lost everyone she love. She can’t speak to us or even give us a hug.

We lost not just our mummy, but a special kind hearted best friend for everyone who knows her. New year is coming, that makes us more devastated. We were suppose to have reunion dinner together. Now, we can only live with the memories.

I miss you alot mummy.

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