Dear A.S.S. Editor

Students having to clean their classrooms at the end of the day before dismissal also now becomes a piece of news. In fact, a Minister made this his crusade for kids to have “area cleaning” time before they leave for home.

Kids nowadays are so privileged. Maybe they have never hold a broom, dusters and other cleaning tools before this. Of course, their maids will do all the cleaning for them, the kids will not know what cleaning up after means. Just over a generation ago, cleaning of classrooms was normal practice. We all had to do our part in making sure the classrooms are always swept, and rubbish always cleared, while the blackboards are always maintained before and after lessons. And this was done without the need for a Minister to tell us what to do.

Apparently, this normal practice stopped somewhere along the way, so much so that the Minister sees a need to make this cleaning up a practice in all levels of school, and gets airtime in national papers. Kids nowadays are so privileged.

Wong C S

A.S.S. Contributor

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