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The Singapore Police are currently investigating about 30 people for their act of protest at a public place without a police permit.

The 30 people, aged between 21 to 56 years old, had carried out a protest at Sembawang Park on Saturday, with some of them carrying posters to show their support for “Jallikattu” and the same protests that were being held in India. Jallikattu is a festival where young men “fight” with raging bulls, and this festival was banned in India last year. While the 30 people were clearly showing support for their home country and fellow countrymen, they should remember that they are not in India, and thus, have to respect the rules and the Law of the country they are in. Even if they were in India, most likely the 30 people would have been arrested by the police too.

Singapore have many foreign workers from different parts of the world. Police should take affirmative action like this, to show that foreign workers must respect Singapore’s Laws. Otherwise, Singaporean society will be in danger from all these foreign elements.

James Aranvin

A.S.S. Contributor

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