As a passenger, I am seriously peeved by this taxi driver said, he claimed that it's a retribution for passengers during rainy weather when uber and grab prices surge, hinting that we have to be punished for not supporting taxis. 
I like to put it to a point that no taxi, uber or grab drivers should say that that is a retribution if we can't get a ride or cheap rides because we are not affected, we can always take MRT or SWAT or book a hitched ride from RYDE or Grabhitch.
I hope this will be shared as I don't want to see any drivers saying that it's passenger's retribution of no taxis or grab and uber cars wanting to serve us evasive if you are not happy to drive taxi or private hire cars the for goodness sake, give up and work elsewhere, don't keep whining just because your business is bad or saying that we consumers shall be punished for not supporting a provider.
I hope this will go viral and channeled to the LTA and make sure the driver who posted this have his vocational license revoked and shall not be allowed to take any form of vocational license again as he truly don't deserve it.
A.S.S. Contributor

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