As evidence that employers are willing to go to all lengths to lower labour costs and exploit cheap labour, our reader has shared with us this story of a PRC cleaner who does both cleaning duty and sales for fresh fruits as well at this Tampines branch of NTUC.

According to the reader, he had seen the PRC doing cleaning duties at the BLK 476 Fairprice outlet before and was shocked to find him helping to sell Mandarin Oranges to customers.

What do you think?

Read his account here.

“Today during afternoon, i was shopping at NTUC Fairprice at tampines blk 476, saw this PRC cleaner (in green t shirt) helping to sell mandarin oranges to customers. I recognized him doing his cleaning duties in this outlet as i frequent here for shopping.

I think its not a good idea to use a cleaner to do cleaning job and also use him to sell fresh fruits to patrons.The fresh fruit dept supervisor must be very lazy.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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