Dear ASS,

I refer to this distasteful post by Westgate. They have come up with an “Ang Pau rate card” where family members are judged based on their income level to determine how much ang bao money they should give.

A lot of people have left comments saying that Westgate is encouraging people to be materialistic. A lot of people have also said that ang baos come from the heart and people should not be pressured into giving something beyond their means.

I think it is inappropriate of Westgate to post the rate card. What makes matter worse is that Westgate gave replies that they thought were witty but they were seriously distasteful.

Someone left a comment asking about relatives that gave $2 ang baos, Westgate reply was that the commenter needed to remind his relative that it was 2017 and not 2007. Eventually, Westgate even said that he needs new relatives.

How is this even funny or humourous?

Kim Tan
A.S.S Contributor

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