A 43 year old man who was unhappy that his girlfriend was earning $80 for 12 hours of work a day went to the stall that she was working at to hurl vulgarities and assault the stall assistants.

The series of harassment began on 13 Jan. The stall in question was a roast meat eatery in Chinatown.

Even though his girlfriend was “fine” with the arrangements, the man felt that he had to deal with the “injustice”.

He proclaimed that he was the notorious “Geylang Tiger” and hurled vulgarities at the stall assistants. One time, he even hit one of the assistants on his back.

When the stall assistants called for the police, the man claimed that the assistants had threatened him with a knife.

Undeterred, the man returned another occasion with an accomplice to hurl vulgarities at the stall assistants again.

The police are investigating the case.

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