Dear A.S.S. Editor

The CNY period is typically the time of the year where prices of everything goes up. That also includes the price for cutting hair. Normally, during this period, there will be a minimum increase of $2 for hair cuts.

This, while not ideal, is understandable, as many people will use up this last week before CNY to go for their haircuts. Thus, there will be long queues, and hair salons typically suffer from lack of staff during this period. Some shops hire more part time workers, hence the increase in price.

What I was most amused with was the Malay barber shop also increasing their price. Maybe they also don’t want to lose out in terms of getting extra income, so that’s why price also increase. But, if I really put on my thinking cap, if your price did not increase like the rest, then maybe more people might come cut their hair at your barber shop. Cheaper mah. Right? So why increase? Our Malay barbers showing solidarity with the Chinese-owned hair salons? Then, we salute you!

Han MC

A.S.S. COntributor

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