Guess who wrote this. My primary school classmate just got retrenched in August. He’s still trying to find a job today, and he’s only asking for $1100. So he applied for the Job Assistance Scheme. The problem with the Job Assistance Scheme is this – the requirement to continue to receive financial assistance is that you must go for every interview that they arrange for you . So my friend went for every interview – he didn’t have a choice. Most of the employers told him, “Sorry you are too old”. So my friend asked them, “If you don’t want to employ someone who is 56 why ask me to come for interview?” Finally one employer told him the truth.

See when employers sign up for the scheme they can’t tell the agency that’s running it that they discriminate against older worker. So it’s wasting the time of the people who are looking for a job, wasting the time of the HR people who have to do the interviews, it’s wasting everybody’s time! But the system continues. So you have to, I think, really go to the ground and then you find out the scheme doesn’t make sense right?

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