It was reported that there is an elderly man who goes around Boon Lay Place Food Centre for money every morning to ask for money.

To avoid attention to himself, he would sit with the diner before he asks for money.

When the diners say no, the elderly man would start to scold and lecture the diners saying, “Why $1 you also don’t have, I only ask $1, not much why you don’t give, your handphone few hundred dollars why no have $1 to give me, government never give me work, you work got money, why cannot give to old man like me…”

Stall owners at the food centre are aware of man’s antic and they do not take his orders as he has no money to pay for food.

Sometimes, the elderly man would order food. When it arrives, he would tell the diner that he only has 50 cents and he does not have enough money to pay.

He would then sit with the diner until the diner changes table or give him money.

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