Dear A.S.S. Editor

Now, we read more and more news on taxi drivers and bus drivers getting physical and verbal abuse from their passengers. Some people might say the cases are now more in the spotlight, because everyone has a camera in their pockets, so anytime got a fight somewhere, can just easily shot and upload later.

However, in a ChannelNewsAsia interview, cab drivers and bus captains confirmed that verbal abuse against them are on the rise. Why is this so? These cabbies and bus captains work hard to earn their money, sometimes waking up before dawn and driving all the way until the sun sets, yet, they are subjected to such vile verbal abuse.

Could more be done to protect our cab drivers and bus captains? Everyone should play a part, after all, these drivers are driving in public spaces. So, they are not alone. When one does see an incident of verbal abuse, the least we could do is stop taking videos of the abuse, and help out to diffuse the situation instead.

M Sabri

A.S.S. Contributor

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