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hi i am a patient of nuh for years and many of times their service standard really upset me but i choose to ignore because i understand their job was not easy.

I had a procedure done in november 2016 and was told to make full payment while processing my medisave claim and cheque will be mailed directly to my home address 4-5 weeks from the date of procedure

so last few days i make a call to cpf board to check if the claim went thru or rejected and the claim actually already processes and cheque was given.

I called nhg billing hotline but was told to call clinic instead so when i called and the clinic was not sure and called their finance dept and i was shocked because they hold onto my cheque because i have few outstandings.

How can you retain patients cpf money / crossed cheque under patient name just to threaten for outstanding bills when patient already informed all clinic that she went that the outstandings will be settled by insurance. I taught once patient informed they will take note

already never take note of the information that the insurance claim is under process, still got the cheek to keep patient cheque without informing. Yes they do not make any courtesy call to let patient know about it, i mean if you let me know i just let it go and no need to arrange for any insurance claim.

And they bloody insist on keeping the cheque untill payment received. Now hospital also tailong is it? I owe thousands ar until so jialat like that.

I want my cheque back because they make things so hard and i was not aware of anything until i called. Appointment also they cancelled without letting me having an option to change the right date. They say i cannot change doctor, but when i called, again i must called then i got to know my doctor is leaving nuh and thus the new appointments will be with new doctor?!! Contadicting and again why never inform?????

Work half past six, service so lousy still got the cheek to ask for payment, still want to keep people cheque.

Beware to all, you money hospital might eat it

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