After 2 sleepless night, I have decided to write this… this was happen on Friday 20th 2016 about 7pm at jurong point new wing b1 toilet near carpark… after we parked our car, as usual, I asked my sons go toilet to wash their hands before the dinner and we waited outside for them. After a while, my elder son came out first then follow by my younger son.

When we on the way to have our dinner, my younger son told my hubby that a man in blue colour shirt or t-shirt wearing spec pushed his head from the back and he almost fell down, just because my 5 years old accidentally stepped his feet and my son didn’t apologize to him immediately. Surprisingly, no one in the male toilet walked up to help my innocent son when incident happened.

We went back to the toilet to find that man but he already left. I asked my son, why he didn’t tell us immediately, he told us he scared we quarrel with that man and he didnt want us to get hurt.

To that knn man in blue shirt that pushed my son head, U BETTER WEAR DRESS OR SKIRT FOR PUSHING MY SON HEAD. What if the same incident happened to your children or grandson, how u feel? How can you do this type of thing to my kind and innocent son?

Sad and angry mummy
A.S.S. Contributor

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