According to Channel News Asia reporter, Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) decision to suspend football activities on weekends and weekday nights at the Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA) may have been prompted by a breach of contract, not a petition by five residents staying at Aljunied Road as first reported by mainstream news media.

Sources say that Home United may have conducted commercial events on the 2 pitches under its care, which are in breach of its contract. The original contract for HYFA allows it to conduct “youth-at-risk trainings” on its two 11-a-side fields and prohibits the setting up of lighting infrastructure and night activities. However, Home United (HUFC) had leased the pitch on weekends to local football academy JSSL Singapore, which constitutes a breach of its contract terms with SLA.

HYFA is located in the MacPherson single-member constituency, whose is Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling. She has asked for a compromise to be reached among the parties: “Perhaps a reasonable situation would be that there could be certain nights where the activities can end earlier, so that there can be some reprieve to the residents whose homes are right here.”

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