Dear Editor,

I would like share an incident that happened to my uncle last month when he approached PAP Macpherson Branch to seek a reduction of a traffic penalty as he did stop halfway at a junction when the lights turned red.

As he had previously tried on 2 separate occasions but failed to obtain leniency, he went again a third time to the Branch but this time, met with an extremely unhelpful and unfriendly grassroots who goes by the name “Chua”.

Chua told my uncle bluntly to stop wasting both his and the MP’s time as he claimed my uncle had already flouted the law and the government’s rules are always right! He said he failed to see why people such as my uncle and other like minded residents always keep coming and bothering them with such unimportant, trivial matters and should instead, just pay the fines and accept the demerit points in their stride.

At which time, my uncle was already fuming from Chua’s deliberate display of arrogance and yelled in front of everyone asking if he’s the MP or Tin Pei Ling was? To which he retorted that Tin Pei Ling has single handed appointed him as her “gatekeeper” and FB administrator and he can act as he pleases to whom gets to see her and who doesn’t.

My uncle eventually had to leave as Chua threatened to call the police if he doesn’t. To all those 70% who supported the PAP during the last elections, be prepared to get screwed til 2020 as they are not even afraid to show their horns and tails now!


Farah Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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