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My 13 year old daughter ran out of a guest lecture in tears on Monday. It was a talk on crime prevention by a member of the Police Force. But somewhere between warning them about sexual predators and taking precautions came some very disturbing statements about how girls are ‘responsible’ and ‘asking for it’ if they wear short skirts because the boys ‘can’t help themselves’. Even though the students, boys included raised their concerns, the Teachers didn’t step in to mediate this very dangerous narrative. The room was visibly agitated and apparently the kids got a scolding from the teacher in charge after the guest left for being ‘rude’ and asking him ‘difficult’ questions.

I am sharing this because we really need to stop this attitude that girls deserve any kind of abuse. NOBODY deserves ANY kind of abuse. And when we see it, we must empower ourselves to take a stand.

I raise this because I am appalled that such attitudes are allowed to permeate our law enforcement agencies who are supposed to protect our citizens.

I am concerned because there are girls and boys in that talk who might have suffered some form of assault who are now NOT going report the case because of this public shaming.

I share this video because this is one of the ways our well-meaning but poorly educated police officers could conduct the training/talk.

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