Dear A.S.S. Editor

SLA recently acted on complaints by 5 residents who had demanded that the football academy pitches at the Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA) be shut down, due to the noise it generated. Five people versus hundreds of kids who would have been given the opportunity to enjoy being kids and play on real football pitches, instead of on their mobile devices, and SLA bowed down to these five people. They must be powerful!

Apparently, the noise generated from people playing football is too noisy, so cannot concentrate on other more important things. SLA in the first place had slated the space for sports usage, now they backtracked and ordered the pitches to be closed after 7pm. Singapore wants a sports culture, but if authorities cannot even be firm against five residents (!), then how is sports culture going to be cultivated?

Hope the five residents realise their selfish reasons for denying hundreds of kids the enjoyment of playing on a football field is typical of the uncaring elite syndrome so prevalent in Singapore.

Benedict Khor

A.S.S. Contributor

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