Dear A.S.S. Editor

I read with amusement an article on the TODAY newspaper, writing about how Singapore should have a code of ethics for pedestrians walking on footpaths and on park connectors.

Article writer basically indicated that since cyclists and personal mobility device users would soon be subjected to rules on the proper usage of roads and paths, pedestrians should not be spared also. He was ashamed at how some of us walk on footpaths and park connectors with disregard for our own safety and that of others.

So he wants a code of ethics for pedestrians to be rolled out. Pedestrians should not use headphones to listen to music and should not read and text on their mobile phone. When a shared path is narrow, they should walk in a single row so as not to obstruct others.

Eh, hello! Are we back in primary school or what? Pedestrians also need rules? Cyclists and mobility device uses needs the rules because they are on wheels, pedestrians on foot, just use the brains once in a while to see where you are going! Like that also want rules? Obviously never use brain to suggest this.

Tan LL

A.S.S. Contributor

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