According to a reader, she caught a reckless bus driver who overtook her car and another taxi in front of him by suddenly swerving into their lanes, forcing them to slow down and avoid the road bully’s large vehicle.

The incident took place last year on 31 October at about 5AM along the ECP to City expressway before Bedok exit.

Our reader emphasized that she was not speeding but was traveling at 70KM/H.

See the video here:

Read her full account here.

“It happen on 31/10/2016 in the morning 5am @ ECP to City before bedok exit. I was moving @ 70km/h.

And you can see how fast he cut to my lane? Lucky never hit by him. After I saw him trying to cut over take Taxi.

Then I try to catch up to take closer to know the bus no PA8445C.

To Bus Uncle, that was very early in the morning. Peoples just wake up and going to works. And you trying to be bully on the road?”

Rebecca Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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