Morning! Based on MOH website, there s HFMD outbreak at a pre-school at Waterway Point currently. Refer to attached link.

As Waterway Point has a huge water play area where many children go & have fun, we would like to advise parents to refrain from bringing your young children to have water play at there for the time being. Tks

The following are childcare centres and kindergartens with more than 10 HFMD cases or an attack rate* greater than 13%, and a transmission period of more than 16 days (prolonged transmission). This list is to help parents be more aware of whether the childcare centre/kindergarten their child is attending has prolonged HFMD transmission, which will then help them to observe for HFMD symptoms in their child.

Childcare Centre(s) with active clusters of prolonged transmission:

My First Skool @ Waterway Point 83 Punggol Central, Waterway Point, #02-12 S(828761)

Where (Transmission period > 16 days with number of cases > 10) OR (Transmission period > 16 days with attack rate* > 13%)

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