Dear A.S.S. Editor

Oh no! NEA has just announced that they expect the dengue cases in Singapore to increase in the months ahead. Apparently all the efforts made to stem the tide of dengue since last year will not be bale to stop the numbers from increasing.

Makes you wonder if the steps taken are adequate enough, or it was just a short-term measure to placate the Singaporean public. It was also reported that the number of dengue cases in Singapore last year was 13,115, which was way lower than the projected 30,000 cases. Was this a case of the short-term measure taken being super effective, or the projected number was grossly over-estimated, so it will paint a better picture when actual numbers released.

Whatever it is, hopefully, the short-term measure, if was proven successful, should be continued, and long-term solutions must be found soon. Mean time, all we can do is ensure our homes don’t become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Koh KK

A.S.S. Contributor

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