What kind of crap lawmakers do we have here? They are quick to amend laws to censor freedom of speech and protect the PAP-govt but they allow such unfair labour laws to exist? This poor foreign worker’s case highlights how pathetic our labour laws are. Our Labour Court has no teeth to enforce any directive it gives to derelict employers i.e. it can ask them to pay up but they have no power to punish those who ignore the request.

Instead cheated workers are told by MOM no less to go to State Court by themselves and pay more than $1000 to apply for a court seizure of the employer’s assets and auction them off to recover unpaid wages! WTH.

And tucked away in a tiny sidebar report MOM says it gets 4,500 salary claims by foreign workers Every Year, a large number by any measure. Yet, as usual our G tried to downplay it by playing with percentages saying it is “less than 0.4%” of the foreign workforce. Lastly MOM declared “salary recover matters are civil claims” between employer and worker. Right, just imagine a powerless and penniless worker trying to go up against his big bad boss in court. We seriously have 3rd world labour laws in a 1st world country. What a poor reflection on our country #singaporelabourlaws #MOMSingapore #ministryofmanpowe #shameonMOM

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