I would like to feedback on the increasing bad situation on the transport, Bus 88, to the nearest MRT, i.e. AMK MRT, during rush hour.

Due to huge crowd requiring to get onto this bus service—the few buses in my area: Buangkok Crescent, Buangkok Green and Hougang St 91, that can get to AMK MRT, there are many instances where the residents around my area cannot get onto the buses. Sometimes, we cannot alight onto four buses consecutively!

This is seriously affecting our productivity. Thus I hope the RC can arrange private buses to fetch the residents to AMK MRT. I’m sure there are residents who are willing to pay slightly more—maybe monthly payments—to ensure the ease of commuting to work.

I wonder if the Town Council have any plans in work to alleviate this situation. Thanks.

Janice Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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