The coroner’s inquiry into the death of Pravinraj Sevaraj, a 20 year-old regular serviceman, revealed several gory details behind the NS regular’s suicide in camp in 2015.

Pravinraj had placed a rifle in his mouth in a toilet cubicle in camp and shot himself while on duty.

On 21 November 2015, Pravinraj and his partner were issued rifles for guard duty at Sembawang Camp. The pair were given two magazines, one loaded and one empty.

At 2.30AM, Pravinraj excused himself to the toilet, while his partner waited outside. After 10 minutes, Pravinraj did not come out and his partner called out to him. Pravinraj responded that he needed more time.

Less than minutes later, the partner heard a “loud explosion” and ran into the toilet shouting for Pravinraj. He came face to face with gruesome bloodstains on the ceiling and immediately alerted his superiors.

Pravinraj was found slumped in the cubicle with a crumpled piece of paper, which pointed to an app where he left a lengthy suicide note to his best friend and his girlfriend.

Pravinraj had been diagnosed with depression in August and September 2011, years before he enlisted into the army. Psychiatrists cited family reasons for both diagnoses.

Investigations revealed Pravinraj had sent a picture of five bullets to five of his closest friends hours before he died, Assistant Superintendent Arun Guruswamy said. A forensic examination of his mobile phone also found he had browsed suicide-related websites.

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