Parking at Taxi Stand pretending car breakdown to avoid parking fee or summon.

On the 17th January, at around 2pm, I noticed this poor lady was stuck in a taxi stand because her red colored car had broken down just outside Queensway Shopping Centre right next to Queenstown Neighborhood Police Centre. Looked upset with head down.

5 minutes later, I realized I was wrong and she was not the owner of the red car (SLB 5442Y) but the front silver (SLE5185Z) car which belonged to her male friend. She was put there to ‘jaga’ the cars. The friend soon appeared, giving her a surprise from her back. Then both greeted each other and the guy started laughing, conveniently closed the bonnet and looked around. Then both of them drove off happily, all this time while many taxis were trying to get into queue and not able to because they ‘THOUGHT’ like me that the two cars needed help and one was actually broken down.

I think this kind of act blur behaviour is disgusting and obnoxious. When did Singapore become such a country? What do you think?

Fadil Amin
A.S.S Contributor

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