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The Ministry of Education is finally going to review all their long-overdue university tuition fees loans, after being flagged by the AG earlier on their failure to promptly follow up on the outstanding loans. The loans amounted to over half a billion dollars.

The review is supposed to be done by June. So far, MOE had only finished reviewing 20% of the outstanding loans since September. They are working closely with banks and universities to monitor the loans and track them more closely. Also in the AG report, Nanyang Poly was taken to task for allowing the use of the name of a registered charity to solicit donations for needy graduates, which was unauthorised.

Wow! Half a billion dollars worth of loans not tracked properly, and use of unauthorised soliciting of donations! Can get away with this quietly?

Wonder why this issue was not trumpeted more in the media. Maybe because of the loans being handed out to scholars who would one day run the media themselves? Future prospects, better not tarnish their reputations. And news reported only when MOE getting their act in order, so can say, we take action immediately.

Jason Chye

A.S.S. Contributor

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