Engaged Tiffanie and Alvin from Illusion Interior to renovate my BTO in 2015. After paying them 90% of the total amount, they delayed our kitchen cabinet for 4 months and did not do the rest of the carpentry works. Kept giving excuses and lying that the sub-contractors are delayed or will turn up at an appointed time but never appeared, thus wasted a lot of our time. They even gave us the sub-con numbers to ask us to call ourselves as they are busy!

Imagine having to live without a kitchen cabinet (and no wardrobe, no feature wall, etc) for months, meaning no cooking and washing with 2 small children. My children and I also had to bath in cold water because they delay installing the heater. We could not do any house-warming despite already moved in for months. So instead of having a joyous occasion of a new house, we went through months of suffering and stress, and that is not the end of the story…

After we threaten to report them to the police, CASE and Small Claim Court, they went to lodge a report against us at the SCC first stating that we had harassed their sub-con. We counter-claimed and they were told by the court to drop their claim (since they have nothing substantial and they even tried to claim the final 10% when they did not even complete the works). After spending much time at SCC, we agree to settle on a token amount so as to put the whole case behind us but the payment was delayed again and again. After
paying us only half the amount (almost 6 months later), they stopped paying us and was not contactable.

Many of the sub-cons also came to harass us as they were not paid, saying that Tiffanie told them that we are the one that had not paid them.

Now they had blocked our calls and facebook. There is no such company address at Kallang.

Hope that no one else had to suffer the same stress and suffering as my family.

A.S.S. Contributor

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