I am presently facing immense financial difficulties and have been banished to a rental flat in Pasir Ris while repaying the credit bureau from debts chalked up by my ex-husband who simply walked out of my 2 kids and I for a filipina woman.

Not that I mind as I have already resigned to fate but what made me very
pissed off is, the so-called ‘social safety nets’ that MSF claims to be
‘enhanced’ and ‘in place’ since 2011 in a “developed Singapore”. I then
approached my Pasir Ris MP’s grassroots (as the MP claims to be busy with his
schedule) which without second thoughts, referred my case on a template
letter to the Pasir Ris CCC and SSO. Needless to say, my appeal was rejected
unreservedly, stating that my “per capita income” exceeds $450 for my family
of 3. Who in the right sense of mind can survive on a per capita income of
$450 these days in this country? It can’t even buy an appetizer from a 5 star

As a last resort, my case was being referred to the Eurasian Association (EA)
and Teng Foundation based on my ethnicity as it states on the web page of the
EA that a “Family Support Service” exists to provide financial assistance to
underprivileged Singaporean Eurasians. What begun as a source of hope quickly
turned into a nightmare as my application through the Admin Manager has
stalled since last November due to the medical treatment and subsequent leave
of the only Counsellor there as well as Committee Members who have gone on
their long holidays.

I gave them a recent buzz again and was told by a Ramakrishnan that some
Committee Members have since resigned and they are waiting to revamp and
reorganize the Association which could take several months and they are thus,
not helping anymore people. I was shocked to learn of this as I can’t imagine
how could a Stat Board be allowed to function with such unprofessionalism on
taxpayer dollars? I had thought that since Mr Joseph Schooling had won our
country’s first ever Gold Medal at an international level, that the
government and other races will treat Eurasians a little better after
sidelining us for decades.

But this all a dream and an illusion as well as “business as usual” for this
government does not know the meaning of gratitude. If they can ignore the
plight of minorities whose ancestors quietly slogged all their lives to build
Singapore, they will definitely screw Singaporeans who gave them a massive
mandate at the last GE. It is already happening with the recent retrenchments
of Singaporean workers who received vastly imbalanced compensations which
will set to become even more pronounced after CNY.

In the meantime, it is the waiting game for EA to try and get its act
together while Teng Foundation said they can only assist through
disbursements by the EA and they themselves are waiting for the EA to give an
account of their past grants which is long overdue. I certainly hope it will
not become an AGO or CPIB case and tarnish the good name of Eurasians in the
process for the systematic failure of the Trustees.

Lizzy Garnell
A.S.S. Contributor

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