Dear A.S.S,

Why made collecting new notes so kangkor (difficult) ha ??? My wife and I went to the bank at 10.30 am. Long queues already formed. Two confusing queues – one for red packets and one for new notes. One customer only one packet. One customer only limited to $1000 $10 notes and maximum $400 $2 notes. What about two packs – one for my wife? Cannot! What about my extended family? Cannot!!! Can give extra red packet ? Also cannot!!! Can I re- queue and collect? Cannot ! Don’t try Uncle, I can recognize you hor.So don’t try.Ask your wife to queue hor….

Why so unfriendly towards our elderly Singaporeans ? I saw one elderly uncle begging for one more red packet for his grandchildren. He was rudely denied by the staff with the security officer standing firmly and looking rather threateningly. The staff then disappeared to refill his small bag- telling those in the queue to wait for ten minutes. This went on several times.

Meanwhile those in the queue for the new notes were given a number and they had to wait for their turn. I was in the queue at 10.30 am and I got my new notes at 11.45 am. I had my lunch and did a short window shopping. My car park cost me $5!!!!

The whole of AMK no ATM withdrawal of new notes. The nearest CC I think is at Yishun South CC.

What a lousy start man…Why people are so unfriendly and so officious….Give and take lah….

A.S.S Contributor
Heartache Ah Gongsan…

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