Dear A.S.S. Editor

I read a letter in the forum of the Straits Times today. The forum letter writer indicated that he was charged for an Uber ride, even though the Uber driver didn’t show up.

The Uber driver had cancelled the ride while the forum writer was waiting for the driver. He had waited for some time but the driver did not show up, and when he checked the app, he realised the driver had cancelled. He tried calling Uber, but could not find any numbers to contact them. Some time later, he also realised that a $6 charge had been lodged to his credit card, for the non-existent ride. Uber practices auto-deduction for rides, so, if the drivers cancelled, the fee will still be auto-deducted.

This seems unfair. Why should a customer be penalised for driver canceling he Uber ride? It seems like the customers must be the one actively seeking refund. Shouldn’t Uber do more about this? I think the time to regulate Uber for fair practices must come soon enough.

Nur Sasha

A.S.S. Contributor

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