We would like to clarify the issue on the online rat video that has been circulating in the social media with our restaurant being tagged along.

This restaurant is not ours. The restaurant shown in the video is located outside Singapore. You can even see Dominos Pizza signboard which is not available in Little India area in Singapore. The restaurant is also called Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant (SVR).

Our outlet is located in Singapore & called Sangeetha Bhavan Restaurant (SBR). We have no relation with the restaurant shown in the video.

Therefore, That restaurant in the video is not ours and it has been wrongly tagged and circulated as our restaurant. The logo doesn’t match with ours either and we do not sell the sweets as shown in the video. So please stop believing and forwarding this false accusation on our brand.

Please come down to our restaurant at 195 Kitchener Road to believe from your own eyes.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

Sangeetha Bhavan Restaurant Management
A.S.S. Contributor

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