A reader submitted this story to us.

According to a Facebook user Samantha, her mother was taking Transcab SHB7843H to work on Monday morning at 8.30AM when she met with a reckless driver, who caused an accident with a lorry that broke 11 of her ribs on both sides of her chest. She was left with internal bleeding in the lungs and spleen and is lying seriously injured in the hospital.

However, despite the seriousness of the accident, Samantha was dismayed when no representative from the taxi driver’s company Transcab came forward to offer her and her family any assistance.

Read her full story here.

“My mum met an accident while taking this Transcab SHB7834H to work at woodlands in the morning 8.30am on Monday (16/1)! The driver insisted to turn right when there was a lori coming, the impact from the lori has tremendously hurt my mum causing her 11 ribs fractured (both side), lung and spleen bleeding! Non of the representative from Transcab came to the hospital at least to show your concern!”

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