Dear A.S.S. Editor

Did not take Malaysia authorities that long to react to Singapore’s government announcement of foreign vehicles having to pay to enter Singapore.

Our government recently announced that vehicles entering via the two causeways will have to pay $6.50, on top of the $35 VEP charge from 17 February onwards, a move they said to match Malaysia’s own introduction of VEP charges. But Malaysia had said that it is now their turn to review the charges, as Singapore are charging above what Malaysia are charging. So, in another tit-for-tat move, Malaysia will possibly increase their own VEP charges.

While the two authorities fight over who can charge more for VEP, it is the average citizens of both countries that suffer. They are the ones who will be paying the price for this petty squabbling. Might as well just close the causeways to cars, and get the train system to work as soon as possible.

Rizal Saad

A.S.S. Contributor

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