Dear ASS Editor,

I refer to your article by Mr Leong Sze Hian posted yesterday, highlighting the plight of retrenched workers by Temasek-owned Surbana Jurong.

Thank you for calling the bluff of both Temasek and GIC and I would like to share the same plight of another group of affected workers by Temasek-owned subsidiary, Keppel Corporation which is helm by former Minister for Labor, Lee Boon Yang.

A group of workers have already previously been quietly retrenched over the last few months with grossly indecent payouts. Singaporean workers received equivalents of 2 weeks “compensation” for every year of service while PR and other EP, S Pass holders obtained a month worth of salary for every year of service. The highest payout of $70,000 went to a foreigner with more than 20 years of service. This effectively went against the established ‘Tripartite Guidelines’ that caps 25 years at most!

I also heard from my Aunt that workers’ petitions and MP letters from the PAP to NTUC and MOM to halt the upcoming retrenchment exercise after the Lunar New Year, were all being blatantly rejected and Singaporean workers will either have to “take it or leave it” as the clause rendering all powers for NTUC to decide on their behalf were inked in their contracts that they coerced to sign as a precondition to working at Keppel.

With the economy heading for a serious downturn and the PAP refusing to admit and mend ties with the US and China through the respective cultural ambassadors residing here, we are going to witness another once in 50 years unrest that will not only split the Tripartite Alliance apart but will also tear the fabric of our nation! This is through no fault of ISIS or Islamic ideologies but by the systematic policy failures of the PAP and the duff electorate that continues to blindly vote for them.


Sulaiman Yusof
A.S.S. Contributor

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