Singapore has gotten into trouble with China because it is run by a bunch of clowns who just don’t know when to shut up. And when they did so temporarily, dishonourable son’s sister discovered she could also talk.

A number of PAP elites must have contributed to losing $30 million?? worth of military equipment. Who are responsible? Parliament didn’t ask so, again, nobody is responsible for tens of millions in tax dollar losses.

Incredibly, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has even claimed that our “seized Terrexes are protected by international law”. What’s the point of making such a statement when protection is equated to their non return? Ng should not anyhow hantam because if his statement were true, China would be in trouble.

Instead, PAP government is the one in trouble.

If a $30 million (figure should be verified) loss could wake PAP up from its stupidity, then it will be worth it.

At the moment, we have nothing to retaliate against China for zeizing our property. ZERO. KOSONG.

The PAP government has put us in this vulnerable position by:
– Providing between half a million and one million mostly low-paying jobs to Chinese nationals.
– Investing more than $100 billion of reserves and CPF dollars in China.

If PAP were to send them packing, some industries will be crippled. But if the Chinese government really wants to teach PAP a lesson, they could ‘invite’ their citizens home and we are also screwed. Not only will many industries face massive disruptions and companies bankrupted, property prices will also collapse, etc.

What if the issue escalates and 4000 Chinese take matters into their own hands and riot in Geylang? Can SPF handle 4000 Chinese, many who have been abused by their employers, when they could only run and hide from 400 Indian rioters? Can a less than 10,000 strong police force handle 4,000 rioters, possibly more?

As for our investments, the withdrawal of our $100 billion investment is peanuts to them. But what China could do is tweak some policies or make the divestment process extremely difficult, especially for major shareholders like Temasek and GIC.

Why did PAP invest more than $100 billion in a corrupt communist country in the first place? A mistake has been made and we should learn from it. But not without holding anyone accountable.

After losing our national pride, we somehow ended up in a lose-lose situation. How the hell did we own self checkmate own self? PAP elites are not so smart after all. But it’s still not too late to revisit our immigration and foreign investment policies.

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