Dear A.S.S. Editor

NTUC has announced that it will open 83 of its outlets island wide for 24 hours on the eve of the Chinese New Year, to allow shoppers to continue shopping for their CNY goodies.

25 of its outlets will also remain open throughout the CNY period itself. This is a change from previous years, where most of the outlets are closed during the holidays. In fact, most of the shops are normally closed during the CNY period that it became the norm for Singaporeans to stock up on food items to tide over the CNY period. Nowadays, most shops remain open, so the practice of stocking up on food items will die a natural death.

This is good news for customers, but possibly good news for NTUC and the other shops also, as remaining open during the period will ensure many shoppers will buy stuff there, and thus, more money coming in for them. For customers, no need to worry about grocery during the CNY period like in previous years. Win-win situation.

L Osman

A.S.S. Editor

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