Dear A.S.S,

Chinese New Year is the busiest festive season and companies are paying employees at higher rate regardless of part timers or full timers during this period.

However, HonestBee is paying their shoppers as low as $4.80 per hour. Despite the low pay, shoppers are required to do bulky orders that can be up to 30 to 40kg when most of the customers are ordering cartons drinks.

How does it feel when you are being paid $4.80 per hour when you have to deal with heavy orders, crazy long queues and unreasonable customers that yell at you over the phone for not able to fulfill their orders due to out of stocks.

For your information, we are paid $8 per hour during Christmas festive season. And how are we not being paid as high as $12 per hour when NTUC is paying $12 per hour for their part timers during CNY period.

Shopper Bee
A.S.S Contributor

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