Dear Editors,

On the date of 11th Jan 2017, i went shopping with my son at Toa Payoh HDB Hub level 3 Kiddy Palace. Upon reaching there, my son wanted to visit the toilet to relieves himself and so we went to the male toilet at that level.

Whilst washing our hands at the wash basin area, my son suddenly cried out in pain!! I turned my head to look at my son whom was standing right on my left side, he was already in tears and his hands holding his right ankle, i looked downward and saw his right foot which is already struck in this ugly looking hole on the floor!!

Without much hesitation, i quickly squatted down and slowly pull out his right foot out of the hole. My heart ached so much when i saw the injury that was caused by this ordeal, my son ankle skin were torn and was covered inblood!!

Immediately, i carry him up and rinsed his injured ankle with clear water. Iturned and saw this hole which seem like the toilet’s floor trap but without any cover!! As i was comforting my son outside the toilet, a lady staff from Kiddy Palace told me that many of their customers did feedback about the floor trap cover that has been missing for few days and despite calling the HDB’s faciility hotline number 64901188, which can be found on the sticker pasted inside the toilet, nothing has been done!!

I don’t understand why nobody from HDB building facility does anything to cover up that hole or install back the floor trap cover!! Their neglect in fulfilling their recovery job have caused pains and agonies to innocent people like my son!!

Henry Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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