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Yet another report of soccer player running into problems with the law. Over the weekend, news came out that National Team footballer Shakir Hamzah was arrested at Changi Airport just before his S-League club Tampines was due to fly off to Malaysia for a friendly match.

Apparently, he was arrested for failure to attend court for a case related to his family matters. Now, family problems are a norm, and if a court case had ensured, it had probably reached a point of no turning back. Sure that the footballer knew about the court case and the date. To simply ignore the court and attempt travel out of the country, shows a lack of respect for the country’s laws. We cannot jump to conclusions on what the case is about, that is for the courts to decide. What is important is that everyone respects the Courts, and not think you can get away with anything just because you are a National Footballer.

Not the first time disciplinary issues occurred with this player. He once spent time in detention for going AWOL from National Service duties to play football. Maybe it’s more of a discipline problem for him, but it shows a lack of professionalism that one always associates with our professional football league.

Syed Fadhil

A.S.S. Contributor

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