Am I reading this right?

I logged onto Facebook and saw this comment by The New Paper journalist Ben Nadarajan – “Extra rules and conditions may make it more difficult for people who need such gig jobs to get interim work, forcing them into the unemployment numbers.”

First thing, Ben and his media masters should stop being cowards and address the reason behind these unemployment numbers. Gig jobs are successful because there are so many Singaporeans who need to work extra jobs or take up temporary jobs due to the failures of PAP economic policy. If we all had real jobs to work, who would want to work as a taxi driver?

Second thing, regulating Uber and Grab is a means to control the obscene profiteering of companies like Uber and Grab at the expense of ordinary, hardworking taxi drivers. When the two companies disrupted the taxi market, they also disrupted the incomes and lives of normal Singaporeans.

Uber and Grab drivers don’t receive real workers benefits like in normal jobs. There is no obligation for the companies to provide medical insurance or retrenchment pay outs. Regulating these industries is the way forward to protect vulnerable workers who would otherwise be left at the mercy of greedy companies like Uber and Grab.

For god’s sake, if you’re going to complain about regulations to appear “neutral”, at least do your homework first!

A.S.S. Contributor

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