Joke of the day.

You can say i bad. But i teaching him a good lesson for his future.

6am Orchard Mandarin hotel i was 1st in queue at taxi box. Saw 1 honda vezel park at main entrance for about 5mins. I step out of my car and stretch myself. Suddenly that driver came to me and ask.

He: Are you waiting for an uber?
Me: Yes of cos
He: Are you mr sundram?
(WTF MR Sundram?? HELLO IM CHINESE !! Laughing in my heart)
Me: Yes of cos
He: Are you going to Pan Pacific Hotel?
Me: Yes of cos
He: The car is here, lets go
Me: Wait i take something.
I open my taxi driver door and Passed him a stack of OCBC red packets and told him.
Me; Just help me send this there can already.
He: Only this? Sure. But im going to charge you for letting me waited for 6mins ok?
Me: Sure why not?

He drove off.

I dont know how he can survive in this trade but hope my red packets can give him some luck m be more clever in future.

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