Credit: Andrew Loh

Sumiko Tan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning interview with Ong Ye Kung. It’s the usual bland sort of questions asked, nothing thought provoking at all.

Here is an interesting look at one of the questions asked by Ms Tan: What does the minister thinks he brings to the table (in Cabinet)?

See how the minister replied (with a non-answer – “Everyone brings something different… I hope I bring something unique”).

Ms Tan – the Executive Editor of the ST, mind you – didn’t probe further.

Instead, later in her piece, she took it upon herself to provide that answer for him. And that answer being that he had lost an election, unlike his 4th Generation Cabinet colleagues.

Ya, in the PAP, losing an election is considered, apparently, some sort of a positive, an advantage, an honour even.

I mean, it’s not like the man had remained in the constituency he lost and fought back to win it. No. Instead, he was helicoptered into another constituency and hitched onto the coattails of a popular and more experienced senior minister (in Sembawang) to get into Parliament!

Ms Tan said Mr Ong had “bounced back” from his previous defeat.

Please lar. Even a cockroach, doing nothing, would have won in Sembawang, tagging along Khaw Boon Wan.

And pls remember: even now in Cabinet, Mr Ong is in charge of only half a ministry.

Stupid ST. As usual puffing up PAP ministers all the time.

And look at that heartland lunch bill for two – $114. No wonder SPH keeps losing money. Propaganda doesn’t come cheap.

Or rather, cheap propaganda is expensive.

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