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I’ve always felt like a girl ever since I was a little kid. My earliest memory was when I was 2 or 3 years old, screaming and throwing a tantrum because my parents wouldn’t let me wear a dress. Eventually when I was 14, I learned about transgender people and started taking hormone pills (estrogen) by myself.

I’m not sure what’s the minimum age to prescribe it with parental consent. Probably 14 or 16. Regardless I didn’t have consent anyway. A friend told me of a place where I could buy birth control pills so I started out on that. Another friend brought me to a doctor who was willing to give me a contraceptive injection. I have no idea how the heck that’s legal though.

Eventually I got my own debit card and started to order estrogen from online. It’s not a controlled substance so it’s legal, you just have to be careful of the dosage and to make sure you’re getting it from a reliable source.

I did eventually go to a endocrinologist (hormone doctor), but he ran a few blood tests and said everything looks good then prescribed me with the same dosage and same brand that I had been taking for the previous few years. I still order it online though because it’s cheaper.

Had to still remain as a boy in secondary school though. Decided to go the poly route because they were less strict about hair and I could start growing my hair out. Things were pretty awkward in poly, but I’m glad to get it over with so I could move on to a new phase in life. Been living as a girl ever since I graduated, was exempted from NS. Went to university as a girl and nobody there knew a thing about my past.

Been only using the female toilet since 2011. I mean I look like a normal girl so I’m pretty sure people would scream if I walked into a guys toilet. No one’s ever given me any problems in the ladies anyway.

I did use the male toilet up to 2011 though, mostly because my hair was still growing out and I didn’t quite have the confidence that I passed as a girl 100%. Caused quite a ton of confusion back then. One guy walked in, saw me, then ran out shouting ‘OH SHIT SORRY!’, only to walk back in later after realizing he was in the right toilet after all.


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