It was going to 5pm, and what initially was a happy family day outing turned into us dialing 999 for help & ended up taking statement at Cantonment Police Station. My cousin initiated this family outing, for us to shop at the Chinese New Year Bazaar at Chinatown. We met up, had a quick bite at the famous “Tong Heng” egg tart place and we started shopping.

It was pretty crowded but NOT till the extend where we were like squeezing shoulders to shoulders. Then it happened..

I was leading my family, a total of 10 of us. My mom & dad, my 2 aunties, 3 male cousins & 2 of their partners. Right behind me was T, my cousin’s girlfriend and this stall selling peanuts caught our attention as they had “Salted Caramel peanuts”, so we were walking on the right, as we wanted to sample the goodies.

Then on my left, in the opposite direction, there was this man who walked past me and I felt it. I felt his entire palm & 5 fingers on my upper thigh, right next to my butt. He exerted slight pressure and all his fingers curled up & dug into my thigh, and he let go. Once I felt that touch, like a reflex action, I immediately turned and saw the back of the guy & I smacked him right on his back.

He stopped and stared at me, like everyone else around us. I shouted at him “DON’T TOUCH ME!” And he just stared back without a word. I again shouted “YOU TOUCHED ME!” And he denied by saying something like “I never!” Right behind me was T, and she shouted “KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF,

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was with my family & cousins and it was a big group. My male cousins were very protective of me so they stopped the guy, I’m just going to call him pervert from now. So my male cousins stopped the pervert & questioned him if he did touched me and of course the pervert denied and asked

“Where’s your proof?! Do you have proof that I touched her?!” Wah, I hear already damn angry bloody idiot. Who goes around videoing themselves to catch such incident!?

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