A Singaporean redditer posted this photo on the online forum, sparking a collective sigh of frustration from Singaporeans who have been through this upsetting situation.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, many Chinese Singaporean families practice a ritual known as Spring Cleaning, which sees households getting rid of old or unwanted possessions from their house. This practice is the subject of some controversy every year because some Singaporeans feel that the practice of throwing away possessions that are not too old or completely unusable is wasteful.

In this case, the inconsiderate neighbor left his trash all over the sidewalk of his flat, causing inconvenience and a fire safety hazard for his neighbors and a nearby education centre. Unfortunately, this incident does not seem to be an isolated incident, with several netizens expressing their disgust for similarly inconsiderate actions by other families elsewhere.

Yet according to some netizens, the blame does not lie solely with the “inconsiderate” neighbor.

One netizen wrote: “They might throw it down and arrange it properly but some hoarder mess it up trying to find gold. I’ve seen couple of time.”

This led another netizen to share, “Yeah sadly this has happened to me too. When I was preparing to move I dumped a lot of neatly tied-up bags in the bulky items disposal cage. Later went down to throw more items away and found the bags all torn open and the contents spread out all over the surrounding area.”

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