Dear A.S.S,

HDB as landlord and property owner is useless, they allow town councils to mismanaged their estates. In the past, Singapore used to be spotlessly clean and now we are no better than any 3rd world countries. There are laws enacted by both HDB and SCDF but these are not enforced by their agents, the town councils.

It seems that there are clothes hanging and flower pots on staircase landing as well as along the staircase. This clearly is in violation of SCDF standing that nothing should be place there. Our car parks is so filthy now, litter is everywhere despite having waste bins on some floors. Notices and advertisements are stuck everywhere with total disregard of the notice board set up for such purpose.

Why is the town council not doing their job? Are they not going for their rounds? Why are they so afraid to implement and enforce rules established by HDB and SCDF? Or are they busy planning for their early retirement and just collect their salary blindly. What on earth is the MPs doing in their constituencies, GRCs can only see them during election and they just disappear after that.

A.S.S Contributor
Disillusioned Singaporean

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