At about 7AM yesterday, 2 police officers were called down to investigate a complaint about a BMW that had stopped in front of a traffic light at the junction between Woodlands Ave 1 and 2.

According to an eye witness, the BMW was driven by a young man who appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is believed that the driver had been drinking before this incident. Other vehicles attempted to wake the driver up by sounding their horns and tapping on his window, but the man did not wake up.

A male and female police officer pair arrived to find the man still in deep sleep.

Suspecting that the man might be unconscious, the female police officer hit the glass of the car’s window loudly to try and wake the man again, which successfully woke the sleeping driver up.

When the driver spotted the police officers, he appeared shocked and his first instinct was to attempt to get away. He floored the accelerator of his car and surged recklessly forward.

Fearing for the safety of other road users and residents, the female police officer sprung into action, chasing after the vehicle and placing herself in front of the vehicle in an attempt to get the car to stop.

Several times it seemed as though the officer might be run over by the car if not for her quick reflexes, leaping aside from the hurtling vehicle before resuming her chase to stand in front of the car’s path again and again.

The driver eventually gave up his escape and came out of his vehicle to assist with investigations. The female police officer was unharmed.

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