Dear A.S.S. Editor

We have read a lot of complaints and heard lots of nasty stories about Uber and Grab drivers. But what about spending a thought for these drivers themselves?

Now with talk that the industry is getting heavily regulated, with even CPF being mooted to be paid to the drivers, this can no longer be a stop gap measure to tide things over until they can find some other jobs to do. Most of the Uber and Grab drivers are either retrenched, or those working to earn extra money on top of their average paying jobs. For those retrenched, this might be their only chance of earning money to tide over their families, while they still go out to look for other jobs. And those doing this for the extra money, it shows ho much a burden the high cost of living in Singapore is putting on average citizens.

These people are just looking for means to earn cash in hand to feed their families, maybe with all these new regulations in place will just make their lives even more difficult. Time to show our compassion to people who really needs it.

Freddy Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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