Dear Editors,

Beware of this travel agency (Pacific Express) for coach bus back to Malaysia. Had buy ticket from Singapore to Taiping for 26 Dec 2016 on 0830hrs. Upon arrive at the counter at 0800hrs, was told that there is no such bus that going from Singapore to Taiping. Counter staff said that the auntie (Crystal Chong) who sold the ticket to me didn’t make any booking.

When I argue that the ticket show clearing the destination, bus seating number, date and money collected. When the counter staff contact the agency boss (Mr Yip), he said that sometime bus ticket will be like that and if I not happy can sue him.

Counter staff mention that yesterday (25 Dec 2016), there is a similar case of passenger that bought the ticket from Singapore to Butterworth that sold by Crystal Chong also didn’t make any booking but collected the money.

Luckliy, I manage to buy another 4-tickets from other agency on that morning to go to Taiping that depart at 1000hrs, if not the whole trip will be ruin by this irresponsible travel agency with the boss bad attitude.

During the morning, the counter staff that attend to my issue is very helpful to solve my issue and also had big agrument the boss (Mr Yip) that this auntie Crystal Chong is ruining the business and causing traveler inconvenience. Thru out the argument with the boss, he is siding with this auntie. Think they have one leg.

Attached are the photos of ticket bought for 26 Dec 2016 from the 2 agency. Hope this serve as option for people who think of buying from this agency.

Yeo Beng Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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